Scones and flirting with free motion quilting.

I'm an hour ahead of myself. I thought it was almost 8 am but  its only 7.00. Does that mean I have an extra hour in the day?

Our class was really enjoyable yesterday.

Held in the local church it was a dignified country experience.

But before the work day began Caroline and I  drove around a little to take photos. It was misty, wet and green and the clouds filterer over the landscape just allowing the amazing hill formations to show through.


Breakfast at a local coffee shop was served with gusto from the chef.

"Here you are young lady" he said as he proudly gave me my breakfast. I think he might have had a sight problem, but I don't really mind being called 'young lady'


I had Smoked salmon, avocado and poached eggs. They slid down the throat well.

This young man joined us, he's a water dragon and Carolyn was relating to me this morning that if you have painted toenails they sometimes think they are strawberries and take a nip!!!!

Class began with a coffee and a smile and each lady created her own letter from the Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet book.

We discussed a number of techniques both quilting and illustrative.

I hope they left with heads spinning with ideas.

Its a relaxing class, but for some, its the first time they have put pen to fabric and for many of the ladies it was their first flirt with freemotion quilting.
For my American friends, its tradition to have morning tea and in the country, and indeed my home when I was a child it was always scones and jam and cream.

I was a lovely experience.

Thank you one and all.



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  1. Love the light box one of the girls is using … it is one tool I can always find!
    From experience I would say that most of them dreamed of fabric, pens and stitches after a day spent in class with you!

  2. Pam says:

    Yes, it was s special light box….
    Good luck with your classes…

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