On the way to Lancaster.

Sitting on the bench are  the remains of cheese and crackers, coffee and diet coke left from my meager dinner.

Quite frankly its all I can stomach right now.

As I sit at the  computer, the reflection of the bed behind me is sooooo tempting, but its only 7.30 and I'm trying to stay up a little longer so that I will sleep all night.

Some guy on TV is ploughing through the snow, it looks so cold. Will I be in snow tomorrow night?

May be.

The flight was great and a new addition to the seats made it more comfortable.


Below the seats the small rolled up packages are 'quilts' yes, 'quilts' whih fit over the seats and are much more comfortable to sit on. The hostess came along and 'made up' the seats into beds.

It actually made a huge difference to the comfort of the seats… now they need to have pieced qantas ones!!


leaving Brisbane


Leaving Brisbane


I watched a few movies, and tried to sleep but it was difficult… I mean, they teturn the lights of at 3.00 in the afternoon when the sun goes down.



I had a hot shower on arrival and fell into a deep sleep for 3 hours, then caught the shuttle down to the beach.

The hotel window offers a super view of the airport so I've filmed it for  2 yo Kaiden who is obsessed by planes.

I leave here at 6.30 am for Lancaster and I won't get there till 10.00 pm in the evening.

Gees Louise. Now I can go to bed.



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