Where is my luggage?

Thank goodness for my Ipad. It kept me busy most of the day.

I've graduated to a mini and I must admit its much easier to pop in the handbag than my big one.

This one fits in my small travel handbag.

In this five hour trip I've watched two frontline documentary programs, an episode of the Vikings and in combination with my Bose noise cancelling headphones I'm in my own space.

Four and a half hours into the  trip and I've had enough sitting, drawing and painting and now I'm ready to get off the plane.

Hurry up Mr Pilot.

I saw snow covered fields from the window several hours ago, but now it's just a bank of bright white  clouds.

There is nothing but white and ice on the windows.

I arrived in Dulles at 5.00 pm and after picking up  my luggage I wandered the airport for an hour trying to find the elusive company that was taking me to Lancaster.

I enlisted the help of a couple of security guards who went above and beyond to help me on my way.

The company had a problem, their printer was down so they wrote my ticket out by hand and called the security down to the desk to check that all was well. Indeed I did get through security but not before the luggage was weighed and I was weighed and the hand luggage was weighed…. eeek. How big is this plane?

I dined on miso soup and sushi and walked down to the departure lounge. Just 5 of us were going on the plane…

It turned out it was a 6 seater no wider that 6 feet. The pilots have to duck and walk up to the front because there is only a door at the back.

The take off was exciting, we wobbled down the runway props whirring and finally we were up in the air, it was spectacular.

Its just 120 miles from Washington to Lancaster, I probably should have driven, but storing the car for a week and worrying about getting out of Washington DC…. mmmm I decided to fly.

Fortunately there was another Quilter on the plane and she had a friend meeting her who took me to the hotel.

There were no people and no taxis to be seen in the airport when we arrived….Oh, and NO LUGGAGE, "Its coming in the morning" they said.

So I had to wash the undies and grab a toothbrush from the front desk… now its 12.00 midnight and I'm going to sleep.


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  1. I’m sending positive thoughts to that luggage. Luggage get to Pammy.

  2. I have been thinking what you need is luggage like “the luggage” that is a character in some of Terry Prachet’s novels.
    “It can produce hundreds of little legs protruding from its underside and can move very fast if the need arises. It has been described as “half suitcase, half homicidal maniac”
    Also; “Its function is to act as both a luggage carrier and bodyguard for its owner”.
    The way you attract drama I think it would fit the bill. Read all about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rincewind#The_Luggage
    But I’m not sure just where you can order it from.

  3. Pam says:

    Thats funny. I must admit, I spend a very restless night thinking about the quilts in the airport without me.

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