Yet another creative day.

The forecast is for snow again today…. it just sort of floated through the air yesterday but the temp will be just above zero for the next few days.

I had a busy and fulfilling day.

The show opened and the winners were on view, the quilts are just beautiful.

I had little time to photograph, but I will attempt to capture  the winners after my lecture later on today.

I'm just in awe of the art of Hosam Hanafy and Tarek Abdelhay. The Tent makers from Cairo.

I have pieces made by both men and I treasure them.

The techniques they use to create these masterpieces are very different to the ones we use.

The pattern is drawn on the base fabric and in this photo Hosam places a piece of Egyptian cotton over the image.   He cuts it to shape just before he appliques it down in a needle turn technique.

The colors are wonderful and the pure colors over the black add a dimension that we rarely see in a quilt.

I would love to see one made with Cherrywood plains.

Jenny Bowker does a wonderful job introducing the quilting world to these wonderful artists and their quilts.

Hosam took the time to show this little boy how to applique.

There are so many things I want to share with you, but I sort of need to fit it in around the compulsory activities.

I've just had breakfast and I need to get ready for yet another busy day.

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