A fabulous day.

English: Amish buggy on a road in Lancaster Co...English: Amish buggy on a road in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Nederlands: Amish buggy op een weg in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amish clothing hanging in the bedroom at The A...Amish clothing hanging in the bedroom at The Amish Village, Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its early morning, its still dark outside and the lights of Lancaster are twinkling through the mist of dawn.

I'm dining on yogurt and peaches made by the Amish…. and coffee from the regulation machine in the hotel room.

This is a wonderful event the AQS Quilt week. The quilts are amazing and the crowds were huge yesterday, I ran from one event after another  yesterday and finally collapsed into bed at 9.00 (which is unusual for me)

It will be the same today which only leaves tomorrow for photography… although I will try at lunch time today.

A friend and her husband asked me to join them visit a quilt shop Burkholders out in the country yesterday and I accepted with delight.

I think its run by Mennonite people and my goodness, there was a huge array of fabrics.

I didn't take my camera unfortunately. The store is set amongst rolling fields and when you alight the car you can tell by the aroma that you are in the country.

I imagine it looks spectacular when the corn is at full height.

They had a small caravan next to the shop that sold traditional fries, we bought a half serve and sat in the almost zero temps and ate them with gusto.

The bare trees frame the horizon like lace but it won't be too long before they get their leaves.

I have another full day today, but then again that's what I'm here for.





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