Winning Quilts and show observation.

Preparation, Delivery, spontaneity and entertainment.

Words that describe a great presentation. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it, Alex Andersons presentation last night in Lancaster.

Its the last day of events today and from my casual observance I think its been a huge success.

1000's of people have been visiting the booths on the 3 floors of the convention center in Penn Square.


Jenny Bowker gives a wonderful presentation at the Tent Makers from Cairo booth each day. Passers by are interested and its one of the highlights of the event. It will also be at Paducah, so don't miss it. I admire the fact that AQS has taken the steps to share the talents of Textile artist from the other side of the world with the Quilters of the USA.

Jenny Bowker  is to be admired for her promotion of the Tent Makers talents.


I love this quilt, wish I could purchase it.!!!



I enjoy walking the floor and watching people appreciate the quilts.

Isn't that why we exhibit quilts. I can remember once when I was standing in front of the 1776 quilt giving a description and a lady asked me to move because she wanted a photo. So I moved and let her take the photo until someone told her I had made it. She jumped and almost pushed me over in her excitement. It was hilarious.



I have the afternoon free to visit more but most of that will be taken up with 'business'

However I will share more photos of the quilts I appreciate but in the mean time you can view them on the AQS site.

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