Traveling again.

Amish clotheslineAmish clothesline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Birth of Mennonite movementBirth of Mennonite movement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Quilt Event is over.

AQS really work hard to help their visiting folk and I for one really appreciate their consideration.

The wonderful Mr Terry was just a phone call away to help relay goods from one event to the other.

He even forwarded my boxes on to the next event. Thank you.

I made lots of new friends and spent time with special people I meet at these regular events.

Had dinner with John and Alex Anderson last night and it was good to catch up with the news from the Quilt Show. They have some great new ideas for the coming year and I will add some  snippets a little more regularly than the past year.

I didn't have much time to get out to sample more Amish fare and experiences  its just too cold. It snowed again yesterday and tomorrow its predicted there will be a 6" snow fall.

I will be in the warmth of New Orleans and I'm sure I will find other exciting things to share.

The book has been a runaway success at its first show release and I'm thrilled.

Just a few more photos before I leave. These images are of a cemetery set amongst brown cornfields near intercourse Pennsylvania


I went to visit the Beneath the Southern Sky Exhibition, but sadly there was no one there to chat with.

However, in the brochure there was a little bit of home, quilts by two of our Guild members… Julie Haddrick and Suzzanne Gummow, just great creative artists.



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