Capturing the day in New Orleans

Mardi Gras Day, New Orleans: Krewe of Kosmic D...Mardi Gras Day, New Orleans: Krewe of Kosmic Debris revelers on Frenchmen Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had my first day of relaxation today for probably 5 weeks or so.

I arrived here in New Orleans at about 12.30 pm last night and I wasn't too tired till I hit the pillow. I crashed. I don't think I  moved until 8.00 am.

There is a sense of disorientation when you arrive at night and you wake up in no ones land so to speak.

I had to work on projects and papers until 11.30 and finally I was able to go out. The Hotel is right on the river and I have a view of the boats and ferries plowing through the swift moving Mississippi river.  Name origin: Ojibwe word misi-ziibi, meaning "Great River", or gichi-ziibi, meaning "Big River"


I wasn't too sure what to expect of the city.

I know it can be dangerous in some areas, raunchy in others and artistic to the extreme. To be honest I experienced all of those categories today as I walked the streets. But Oh, it was fascinating.

I was very aware of hanging on to my camera and who was walking behind or beside me.

I guess the Mardi Gras adds a degree of 'raunchy' Stores full of costumes and interestingly inscribed t shirts grace the pavements.

The colors stir the heart, the music pulses through the city and there is a feeling excitement wherever you go.

Right now I'm working on a special event for the blog that will share it all but the smells.!!



This guy wasn't too happy I took his photo, but there he is in the street… what do you expect.

I walked slowly, trying to take it all in. The locals capture your attention with flamboyance and flair and I found myself smiling at no one several times.




The red shoes have it.

The images above are things that I find inspiring.


The gardens are brimming with azaleas and with the temperature in the high 70's it appears that spring has arrived in New Orleans.

What designs will I capture in New Orleans? I'm not too sure yet. Obviously it has to be bright, controversial and creative.

Maybe a little like my lunch. !!!!

Well I squeezed a lot into the day. I want to visit the galleries tomorrow so I intend to have an earlier start.


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