Swamps and Bourbon Street.

I can't help myself.

My photos are always taken with a view to create  -  (something) and it becomes a bit of an obsession.

Will I put it into thread form?

Will I use it for decoration in the house, or sometimes, I just plain like the feel of the image presented.

I combine color and form, perspective and presence in my head at a fast rate and then snap with the camera, the heart beats a little faster and its an exciting experience.

Its not new, I've composed images all my life, however with the new cameras and computers you can change the image to fit the mood and genre you enjoy.


These are some of the images I took last night. I love shop windows and at night the light allows you to  capture  interesting colors without the reflection of a day time scape.

Dusk is tricky time to photograph but you get interesting vistas.

You can peer through the windows of well lit restaurants.

Or capture a vision of a performer by the bar.

The horse heads in Bourbon Street are a star attraction.

These images were drawn with colored pencil on old tin.



A swamp tour was high on our list during our stay here and our day was spent amongst spectacular scenery. Not only are they beautiful, but the swamplands are also a functional component of Louisiana's environment. Along with its abundance of animals and fish, the basin produces thousands of pounds of vegetation yearly.

Its not the easiest place to compose a picture because it was quite dark but I shot a lot of film and captured as much as I could.


Swamp 2
We visited with alligators and snakes all manner of things  my grandies would love I wih I could share it with them.

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