One of my delights this trip has been to have my buddy Lisa along as my helper on the cruise.

I’ve done this many times, but this is her first event and she’s so excited.
To see her so delight is worth a mint.

We have a great cabin with a balcony where we can sit and enjoy the passing view. I’ve got Hayden compositions playing, the box of books and pens arrived safely to our cabin a few minutes ago and we have everything put away and ready for class tomorrow.

Tonight I meet the other Teachers, Craftsy  Staff and the students. There are 4000 people on board and 86 of them are quilters so its been spot the quilter for the past four hours.

“Attention” quilter to the right.. or “Quilter coming towards us”… OK so tonight it will be time to see if we were correct.

Each cruise is different. In fact Keith has been with me on all the others, but I think the fact that the football has begun at home had something to do with his “too busy” comment !!!! nothing comes between him and the football season.

Never the less, its work for me. I take it very seriously and with over 80 ladies to work with it will be a great experience.


At dinner this evening, I looked out the window and this is the view.

Its hot and humid and the fog had built up on the surface of the Mississippi. It lapped at the treeline and enveloped the trees on the shore.

I've met students new and old. Set up the class room and we're ready for the event.


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