Quiting and Cruising.

2 full day of classes, 84 ladies, 4 classes we've had a fabulous time.

Now I have 3 days off to play.

Its hard to imagine that we will actually be in Jamaica tomorrow.

This cruise is a Craftsy Cruise and implemented by Sew Many Places.

I’ve had an opportunity to meet the Craftsy  Crew, they are young vibrant and looking for new ideas. They are bringing quilting to you over the internet and its growing at a rapid rate. They have a huge staff and the average age is that of my children. Its what’s needed in the industry, young blood.

Jim West runs a fabulous tour. He’s works magic and makes everyone on the tour feel special.

I’ve not had time to write, but I hope to take a lot of photos over the next few days.

I’ll be looking for inspiration for my next Caribbean quilt, and I hope to buy some added pieces for the recently finished Caribbean quilt.

This ship, Navigator of the seas is 15 stories high and looks like a luxury hotel in the the middle, you would never know you were on a ship.
Now I have time to relax and look around.

The water is bluer than you can imagine, and the sun rise takes your breath away.

Sitting on our balcony, is heaven, the breeze is warm and lulled by the sound of the waves I've learned to relax a little.

More tomorrow, the internet is expensive.

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