Quilting in the carribean

Its warm and sunny and the light in now pure gold with the promise of an impending sunset.
The air is sweet with unfamiliar aromas and the breeze is warm and soothing as it swirls around you.

We’ve been sitting on out balcony watching the loading of the ship process. Strands of passengers weave their way back to this mighty vessel.


I’m sure many of them had adventures today.
Our trip out today was a little disappointing and I guess its just that I had an expectation of a similar shore trip to last time and indeed it was vastly different.

We visited a school but sadly the students were on holidays.
It was the size of my studio and we told that 48 children from 4 to 6 attended it.



Set in a rural background amidst green fields the school was cluttered and unkempt but obviously there is a strong feeling of affection for the students due to the comments written in books and on the walls and on the artwork hanging at the end of wool strands from the ceiling beams.


We drove through fields of sugar cane as tall as our vehicle and along lines of papaya trees laden heavily laden with exclamation shaped fruit. We drank samples of rum, ate jerked chicken and much to my annoyance we were taken to the obligatory tourist trap to purchase goods.

However, its not safe to go into the town itself and we were even escorted with our own security guard and finally returned to the ship enclosure. But then again, we did get out and see a few things.
I had a small incident where I left my small camera on the bus, but the driver returned it and earned a small reward. Whoow.


The buildings in the town are fascinating, small, colorful, one could say they were ‘in vogue vintage’ and people seemed to be sitting a lot. In doorways, in shops, under trees, and in the street. Even the children were ‘sitting’

I even found the goats sitting and lying on the graves in the cemeteries.
Its been a nice day off. Now I need to do some illustrations for the next quilt from the days observations.

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