Back on Track… I think.

Pinch me, I think I'm still alive.

Woow the past 6 days have been  rough, but I've spent more time out of the chair than on it today… so I reckon I'm on the mend.

I miss y'all from class, I miss New Orleans, I miss sitting down to a sumptuous dinner served with style, I miss sitting on our little balcony and watching the Ocean with Miss Lisa. But now its time to pack for the next event in just 1 weeks time.


These are the last photos I took on Sunday in New Orleans.

I missed the Easter parades but just I loved seeing everyone out in their Easter finery in preparation. The men looked wonderful in white suits, dapper hats and brilliant ties. The colors were amazing. I've never seen men dress in such suits… they paraded down Bourbon street like peacocks… Loved it.

But now I have to get back into work… I couldn't sleep last night, so I began on my diary quilts from the trip.

The first one was  a fun adventure i8n Brisbane with friends Di and Carolyn and suddenly we were surrounded  by Police due because there wad a gunman in the mall a few blocks away.



I don't know that I like it much so I reckon the gals can have it… (for fun)

I'll concentrate on doing something a little more flattering…!!


We have a special weekend for family so I need to be back to normal.

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