Pieces of the puzzle.

It's 7.00 O'clock the lady on my computer says.

Its a beautiful evening and as I look out the window, I see that there has been a lot of preparation for a special family day tomorrow.


I missed Easter bunny last week, but he's still around in the garden.


I found I've lacked patience over the past week so it was good to sit and talk with the husband of my nail technitian today to bring me back to normality. Lack of sleep and feeling under the weather doesn't help.

He very patiently did my nails, No, they're not very well done, a little dent here and there and far from the shape I'd like them to be… but he tried. I watched his face as he concentrated on the job at hand and we talked about his time as a refugee, the boat people he traveled with and the terrible things they  suffered all those years ago.

He's a nail technitian and a gardener…bless his heart.

I came home with a different attitude. Its all a matter of balance. Thank you.

I completed another piece for my diary series.

But I've lost the head of one of the ladies.. does it mean that her conversation in the gallery was lost in translation?

I printed and image of the corrugated iron onto fabric. It was part of the exhibition.






Now I have done these pieces I can move on to capturing the adventures in Lancaster.

While I was there I gave a lot of thought to producing a piece of Textile Art in pure colors. Amish with a twist.

So at 3.00 am I was playing with this image….

1" squares, it will need to be done inch by inch, no strip piecing because each piece is different.

I will have to purposely dye the fabric to match… I guess that is a job for Monday. I don't know if I can do it, but I will give it a try.

My Market Quilt has now left my hands and belongs to the Quilters Guild of  South Australia.

I miss it already, but I have another one waiting in the wings, it will be different but similar.

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