Well this granny has hers for quilting… and why not.

Night falls and I start this stupid cough, it makes me so tired trying to catch my breath, but I do believe its getting better. Bronchial Pneumonia is the diagnosis.

Its cold at night now even though the days are warm and sunny. There is a promise in the air that Autumn is here and winter will soon be upon us. That's the time for me to flee.

In a week and Keith and I will be off to the Australian Quilt Festival in Melbourne, then just a few weeks after that and I will be off again to warmer climates.

I've been working on the information for the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts today and should have it for complete viewing in a day or so. I'll add video and a fee interviews to the web page.

There will be two completely new classes. Miss Rainee tells me there is a bumper group of vendors again this year and bookings are coming in from as far away as California.

The family celebrated the naming day for Jaya Grace yesterday.

There were children everywhere, climbing trees, upside down  on the swings and playing in the cubby house. The lamb on the spit kept many people amused and it was worth the speculation and the wait.

There was a good representation there from the media, old  friends and school buddies. I spent time sharing my info on the new gopro camera with the fancy cameramen!!!! "I thought those cameras were for extreme sports" said one guy….

Well this granny has hers for quilting… and why not, I think that's extreme.

Jamie and Megs worked hard to provide a great experience for everyone I for one really enjoyed meeting all those school friends of Jamie's who are now middling aged parents… it was wonderful.

Of course our troops were present and we had a baby fest.

I spent this morning discussing  the meaning of life with a young hairdresser, she became so engrossed she cut a LOT of hair off, it was getting a bit dangerous, and the afternoon was taken up with booking flights for the next 3 months tours.

This time last week I was mid flight… just willing that plane to get home a little faster!!!!

What a difference a week makes.

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  1. Musicmaker says:

    Jaya Grace is already a lovely human being, and your picture of her reveals it.

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