Mexican Tiles and a gorgeous day.

Its nice to be back into work mode.

Then again, does it ever end?


It was a misty dawn this morning. Here in the Adelaide hills it takes a little while for the mist to burn off under the sun and then a gorgeous day results.

I was having withdrawals of the fresh produce from the Adelaide Market. So Callie, Kodi, Kaiden and I had a quick trip. Of course you can't leave without having lunch in China Town.

I love photgraphing the textures, shapes and colors of the vegetables..

I just love this garlic.

Lots of work on the computer today, preparing for the next tour.

Today was "Mexican Tiles" for our Alamagordo event. I've not finished yet, but we're getting there.

Of course the class notes have been done for ages but I change the patterns for each class.

Tomorrow I should put a seal on it.

Then again, the students can applique one.!!


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