Creating the Mexican Tiles Project.

I'm coming to the end of the preparation of the samples for the Mexican Tiles Project for our Alamogordo Event.

As I mentioned yesterday I have lots of samples but I try to do new ones each year.

I guess you could say its refining the class.

I drew sIMGome patterns onto paper from tiles I had photographed in Mexico on previous visits.

Then I colored them in the computer to audition the colors.

Once I knew what they would look like as a quilt I created the aapplique.

The  images were created on fabric and then cut out and placed onto a background fabric.

Now I'm quilting them.

I think it will make a stunning quilt.

Each block takes an hour or so to do… so in reality, it would take a couple of days to create the blocks and then a few days to quilt it (at this size)

Lots of fun today.



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