The history of my blog.

I've been writing a blog since 2005.

The blog is still there.

floating around in cyber space.


My Mum, read the posts avidly when she got her own computer but before that  I would put them into a book form for her.

I actually never made any  for myself, however, I found one the other day, it was in Mums things after she passed away and I sat down and read part of it with tears streaming down my face.

The post was about a trip to Paducah to pick up a prize and the antics we had with a friend who passed away quite soon after that.


This one ran to 200 pages with photos and explanations.

I only made 3 books and then Mum began to read them on her computer. She shared the books with her friends who became avid followers.

I've written daily for almost 8 years now and its time to get these musings into book form.

Its a treasury of memories.

Its a record of my career as a quilter and its precious to me and my family.

I'm undecided to create the book on Ibooks or one of the other book formats.

Any suggestions?

I wonder how long  you have been blogging?




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