I believe that ‘Quilting’ is a craft, an occupation, a creative expression that is equal to any artistic medium.

We talked last night.

Friends and I.

Is the word 'quilting' becoming confusing?

We use if for so many genres.

The word "quilt" comes from the Latin culcita meaning a large stuffed sack, but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte. The origins of quilting remain unknown, but sewing techniques of piecing, applique, and quilting have been used for clothing and furnishings in diverse parts of the world for several millennium.

The earliest known quilted garment is depicted on the carved ivory figure of a Pharaoh of the Egyptian First Dynasty, about 3400 B.C.

In 100 B.C. the Mongolians made a quilted floor.

In the Middle Ages Knights wore  Quilted garments known as gambesons under their armor.

The earliest known surviving European bed quilt is from late 14th century Sicily. It is made of linen and padded with wool. The blocks across the center are scenes from the legend of Tristan. The quilt is 122" by 106" and is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I've seen it in detail, its amazing.



British, and German soldiers made woolen quilts throughout the wars.

This is my re-creation of one of those quilts.

I believe that  'Quilting' is  a craft, an occupation, a creative expression that is equal to any artistic medium.

I'm lucky to visit the best quilt shows and exhibitions in the world.

Houston, Paducah, Australia, England, Ireland, France, Japan. What a wealth of talent and breathtaking beauty.


Quilting means more to me than sewing patches together. Of course I had to begin that way, but like all things in life we progress, we grow up, we think differently and quilting has grown with me.

Now is the time to pass on the knowledge to younger people.

Take a good look at the Modern quilt guild which embraces lots of genres too and we need to be open minded.

I embrace:-

Young stay at home Mums.

Older folks like me who have been quilting for ages.

Little people, 6 year olds etc.

The new 'craft' movement.

and lets not forget the educational side of working with textiles. The intricate work from India, Thailand, the Middle east.

The history of hand dying and weaving.. there is so much to share with your guild and quilting friends… lets do it.



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