Getting to the quilt Show.

We left home very early this morning.

4.00 am.

Our flght wasn't till 7.30 but my Daughter in Law was going to Sydney at 6.00 and it seemed sensible to use one car at that time of the morning.

Just a few minutes into the drive we were confronted by a huge grey kangaroo which dashed in front of the car. He was taller that the car and we missed him by a foot or so, his grey fur magnificent in the headlights.

A few minutes later we had a sleek red fox dash in front of us.

The excitement of it all was a bit much for Tilly aged 6.

Our bags went through security and unfortunately Tilly had a pair of very blunt kid scissors in her craft box in her back pack… I didn't think to look in there, her Mum probably didn't think they were dangerous…

She burst into tears when the security guard disposed of them…

"We send them to charity" he said, the look on his face told me that most people don't cry when they have their possessions taken away. He looked quite worried.

Tilly got over it and with her ticket in hand to state she's a first time flyer the excitement mounted. To date she's written 3 pages in her diary and stuck her tickets and things in ready for morning talk when she gets back to school.

She also got to talk to the pilot as we left. "Thank you" to the very thoughtful Qantas staff.

This is all about introducing my little people to my world.

The timing was right and its a joy seeing travel and experiences like this through the eyes of a child and someone artistic like Tilly. The other little people will have their turn another time.

We spent some time at the quilt show. For me it was mainly to audition the quilts. Which ones will I take photos of.

Tilly was tired after a long day and I thought I should give her a rest before we went out.

Well that didn't work, we had a rest and Tilly wrote her diary.

Dinner was great with SAQA friends and we fell into bed exhausted.

Today the work begins.!!!!


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