A Quieter day today,

English: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne shed BEnglish: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne shed B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A banner on a wall for the Afghanistan: Hidden...A banner on a wall for the Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul exhibit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight the winners of the Best of Australia  and the Lut-Da award winner are announced at the Quilt Event.

At $125 per ticket we decided it was jut a little expensive for dinner particularly when we have it provided at the Hilton.

Of course I would like to be there for the announcements of the winners but I can wait till tomorrow.

Today was a "Tilly day" I figured two days in a row at the show was enough for her and I have photographed most of the quilts, but we will be back again tomorrow to do some video.

We visited the Victoria Market, the Afghanistan Hidden Treasures exhibition and the Children's Museum today.

Our older children loved the Market and specially the hot jam donuts you can buy there, so we had to go just to sample some and make her Mum envious.


While Papa attended football, Tilly and I have been working on good table manners and not doing cartwheels in the middle of the pavement as we're walking down the street. I'm  not too sure who is winning.

Some 100's of photos of bugs later we managed to leave the venue and join the football crowd on the tram.

Carrying many pounds of camera gear around is a good excuse for loosing weight.!!



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