The Australasian Quilt Convention

Its not late. Its only 8.30 pm, but indeed I feel like I've run a marathon today.

A week of feeling unwell has sapped the energy, I can normally fit more in a day but I'll give in to the body tonight.

The news is telling us of the breaking news in Boston and the uprecidented events seem to get more bizarre each day.

The morning clouds were stunning. I'm always compelled to capture amazing images like this
and I wonder at the beauty. How can it be so amazing? just outside the window.

I love the architecture in Melbourne and this building opposite us is no exception. It would make an interesting piece of Textile art.

Outside the window, the traffic flowed endlessly and Tilly captured it in her drawings on the Ipad. Its rather different to rural Aldgate.



"These are the cars and their lights" she explained.

Mid morning we traveled to the Quilt show on the tram and  about 10 minutes into the trip the driver stopped the vehicle, he called all the children to the front cabin and took 10 minutes to explain how to drive a tram in busy Melbourne. Each child could pull the cord to 'ding' the bell and then we took off again… it was amazing. How generous and thoughtful.

Already the crowds were tight at the show. Its a testament to the interest in quilting that people attend from all over Australia.

The show is held in the royal Exhibition Building Melbourne

Its an amazing venue, stunning in all its Victorian glory.


Tiredness has overcome me and I will share the amazing quilts with you tomorrow.

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