The Australasian Quilt Convention

4.02 am and all is quiet.

Its dark outside, the traffic has slowed to a trickle and there is the magic of an entire wall of the lights of Melbourne  behind me as I work.

I have an article for an American Magazine to write, but I decided I would do a little more of yesterdays blog instead.

I wrote for an hour and clicked something and lost it all so I begin again.


One of the best things about visiting the quilt show yesterday was to be able to visit up with friends I've not seen for a while. (it takes a while to get around the show) Then again I get to to view the best of Australian quilts on show. Many of them were made by members of my home guild and of course there are new experiences by viewing the work of  quilters I've not met.

This is far from an unbiased blog and I have the privilege to share the quilts I get the most enjoyment viewing.


This has to be my favorite quilt on show. I had seen it in publication but not in reality.

Made by Jenny Bowker, the quilt celebrates one of Australia's Iconic Quilters Margaret Rolfe.

Aside from the colors, (which I adore) I think Jenny has captured the spirit of the art of quiltmaking by Margaret Rolfe.

There are a lot of quilts I would like to feature and indeed I did so in the blog I lost… but I think I should sleep a little ready for the day with Tilly. I will add them to future blogs.

Tilly had a great day too. she took over 400 photos herself and I figure I need to put some of them into a book for her.

But I will let her explain what she saw and enjoyed herself.

I am, however, amazed at her perception and she began designing her quilt when we got back to the hotel.


I beleive these are the buildings outside the window. I'm not going to facilitate her. She has purchased the fabric with a financial help of her Papa and she has already done the drawings and worked out how to get it onto fabric.

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The Australian Quilt Convention
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  1. adamsme says:

    What a cute and talented little thing is Tillie. I know she is enhancing your experience at the quilt show. I have books by Margaret Rolfe and love all the paper-pieced animals of Australia featured in them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pam says:

    I made all those block too in the early days.

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