Textiles, Treasures and Interesting things.

We walked a lot yesterday, and I'm feeling the painful results today.

Its not the walking its carrying the heavy backpack and camera that affects the muscles.

I did  a photo journal of interesting things I saw as I walked yesterday. It covers Textiles, Textures and interesting images.


We're visiting the Victorian Art Gallery today and then we leave for home late afternoon. It only an hour flight from Victoria to Adelaide, but if we went by car its an 8 hour drive.

I opt for flight.

The architecture here in Melbourne is interesting in the extreme.

These images  are taken in  Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne.


The other thing I adore in Melbourne is the street art.

As you walk around you come across secret passages leading to outdoor urban art galleries. It's very Melbourne and it's not just locals in the know who think so. The city is now recognised globally as one of the top street art capitals.

A subculture within Melbourne's art scene, street art styles you'll see here include stencils, paste-ups, murals and poster and sticker art. The affect on Melbourne is an ever evolving brick canvas that defines these lane ways.

Banksy has even left his mark here after visiting Melbourne in 2003. In 2010 the now famous incident of local city council worker's unknowingly painting over his stencil rat even hit our papers.

Embarrassments aside, in recognition of this scene Melbourne City Council has earmarked specific city lane ways with street art permits. How great is that?

But then you may be disappointed that I've not put many quilt photos up.

I'm actually preparing the photos right now.

At this show it was difficult to get the correct angle of some of the photos so I manually have to manipulate them to get them square. So give me time… it will happen.


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