Catching up on projects.

The day began very early…or was it just that I didn't sleep well?

I was out in the studio at 4.00 and found myself emotional watching the Dawn Service for ANZAC day.

The studio was in desperate need of a tidy. I can't work in a mess and somehow projects had begun to pile up.

It might not look messy to some, but it was distracting to me.

I have a project on each of my 3 machines. Illustration and patterns for another 3 on the table and it worries me that I've not finished them.


I'm working on the process of creating a cheesecloth portrait. I've done it in a different way before, but I'm experimenting with other methods.

Shall do it in color or black and white? I have just ordered lots of different weights of cheesecloth to dye and make up kits.(another job to add to the list)

I'm working on the thread painting project. Its slow. I stopped work on it to do the Guild Quilt, but having several machines, this project sits on this dear Janome and now I'm back to doing a little each day.

I'm quilting the Mexican Tiles project. I have 4 of these to quilt. I'm not too happy with the quilting on this one but I will persevere.



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