Creating new techniques in Textile Art

Goodness me. Sometimes I hit a stumbling block in my creative expression. I'm trying to work out an easier technique for  project.

Now I'm 3 samples down and maybe it will work… I don't know!!

Its frustrating at times.

The problem is that I'm creating a technique which I want  to be entirely my own and I tend to put so much detail into it that I'm afraid it will make it difficult for students.

So sample, after sample, I'm trying to simplify it.

I have to break the technique down into smaller sections and then re-evaluate each piece.

So to take a break, I dyed fabric today I really like the way cheesecloth dyes, It has such a fantasy like quality when it dries.


I've sprained my hand so finishing off hand  work is also out of the question for a few days…. mmmm

Sometimes I fall into a new technique and sometimes its hard work like this one.

Then again, sometimes I come out to the studio the next day and begin work… and it all falls into place.


I had the opportunity to play with Grandie Kaiden. We sang 'Tinkle tinkle little star' many times and he played with sticky tape and pencils and kept me entertained with his amazing 2 year old wisdom. I can't help but grab a few snaps… my Grandies are used to the camera.


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