There are times in our lives when we just need to slow down and consider the inner self.

I'm preparing for one heck of a year traveling and its not without some angst.

In the following months of the year I will only have a month at home.

Its not new. It happens every time I travel. The stomach knots, the panic sets in,  I begin to miss home before I even leave.

Falling ill last trip gave me one heck of a shock. I've been home 3 weeks today and I'm still feeling minor  effects.

I was out shopping today and I received an email to say one of our Quilting fraternity has fallen desperately ill and is in critical condition in hospital

It made me aware how fragile we are.

But as soon as I'm on the plane the doubts disappear, I change from Mum/Wife to Adventurer, Photographer, Educator and I have a ball.

I'm going to see amazing sights, I'm going to meet fabulous people and I'm going to be inspired beyond belief.


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