I achieved the desired effect.

There we go.

The weekend is almost over and  a very busy weekend it was.

I did finish the portrait of my lady. I just need to quilt the background now and the sample is done.


I'm happy with it. Its not pretty, but graphic. I achieved the desired effect. I want a sketched effect, the softness of the cheesecloth underneath the stitching adds a wonderful textural effect.

It was not without its problems because I had a helper who needed to hold the quilt while I was sewing and when you're only two years old your Bamma needs to keep her eyes on the needle!!!


I managed to distract him with my old thread stash which took pressure off the  finger watching.!!!


Friday was a finishing day and when Grandie Kaiden went home,friend Kay came over to the studio and we worked on creating a hand with the same technique. It looked great.

My next project will be to find some wonderful old hands to photograph.

Saturday I was up early and working on finishing projects once again.

I had a photo shoot in the morning, it went well and I will write another note on the blog about the wonderful ladies of the SAlt group and their quilts.


Wonderful quilts.

I raced off the Bowerbird Craft fair for an hour and then off for my 6 monthly check up at the skin specialist.


The Dr was an hour late, I almost fell asleep in the waiting room and tried to keep the eyes open by working on the ipad.

I had to have two spots removed one from my shoulder and one from my back and a biopsy on one on my face that had previously been diagnosed as an age spot.!!!

Wooow. That was a shock.

It was painful and I tried to disguise the pain by buying an illicit block of chocolate… but it didn't work. It was hard to sleep last night.

This morning I finished two journal quilts… and another is well on the way.

I'll feature them on the blog tomorrow.


Well, its Autumn here in the Adelaide Hills, there is a chill in the air, the smoke of wood fires reminds us of the cold weather to come.

The vines have turned golden and when the sun hits the leaves in the late afternoon, it stirs the heart.



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