Finishing the quilts.

I've been a bit slow with the blog over the past few days.

But I have finally put the finishing touches to 2 quilts and proceeding with the 3rd.

The last quilt, the 3rd in line, has been waiting patiently  for work to be done on it, the inspiration is there but the hands haven't acted.

The quilted part of this piece, the woman's face, is a small quilt appliqued onto a vintage piece of African Textile which forms a border for the featured quilt. Its hand woven, dyed, applied and beaded. It was made in the 1950's/1960's



I've appliqued the thread painted quilt onto the background textile with an applique reflecting the design on the original piece.

The two Cheesecloth portraits are completed as well.



They are quilted heavily in straight lines to counter balance the intricate thread illustration and flowing lines of the portrait.

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  1. Pam these are stunning works!
    I love the touch of beading on the first one. I love beads!!They add just that touch of sparkle.

  2. Pam,
    Love the quilting … simple background quilting which does nothing to detract attention from the subject.

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