Its hard to keep grounded.

I've just watched a bright Orange sun set over LAX,  its so nice to be back and settled and ready for another exciting tour.

After weeks of preparation, a few heart starting hiccups and lots of work I'm back in my second home but the sad part is, I'm minus  the Bambinos and Grandies.

For that, I have to rely on Face Time.

Then again I have wonderful friends who share my passion for life and textiles and I treasure their company.

I'm a well prepared and cautious traveler. I like to cover all bases and I know how to pace myself. However, travel sometimes has a few hiccups, but it all went smoothly yesterday and I find it really interesting being forced to wind down and be a people watcher.

My seat mate last night was the manager of the Australian Group, Empire of the Sun. He was meeting them in NY for a performance. He said to me, "You'd really like them, they love fabric"

So how could I ignore that statement and of course I looked them up on the net…. and, indeed I do like their taste in costumes.I wonder if their Mum's make them, indeed they could even be  quilters.


Time to sleep and I will finish this in the morning.!!!!


Good morning world.

In the Sydney airport, I duly passed the doughnut stall  and headed for the Qantas club where they have a healthier choice of food but probably not as spectacularly delicious as Krispy Kreme donuts.

I never get sick of the view out the window of the plane, I leave the blind up for as  long as possible, I can't work out why people get on the plane and shutout the light just to watch movies. This photo was captured as I left my home in Adelaide.

I left Australia from Sydney. The views were wonderful, we flew over the iconic Sydney Opera House and the coat-hanger Bridge, down over the suburbs and off out over the ocean headed for LA.

I worked on a video for the 'Quilt Show' for 4 hours then after supper, (when its dark) I joined the grey brigade.


They give you grey jamas made by Morrisey there's a darn big a kangaroo on the bosom to remind you that you're an Australian, they are really comfy. They have mattresses for your seat and warm quilts to sleep under and it seems strange that you are sleeping high above the earth with the rest of the world continuing life below you.

After arrival and settled into my hotel.I generally sleep for an hour or two before venturing out in LA.

A visit to my favorite store Anthropologie was a must. I buy a set of china like this on most of my trips… I use it while traveling and it adds to my eclectic collection at home.

I love these cushions.

Today, I'm off to visit the Getty House with friends and I'll have the stitches out on my face. The bruising makes for an interesting green brown complexion, its taken a while to come out but then again its better than the alternative and its just a week since the surgery.

I have some really exciting things offered to me, tours, trips and career wise. Can't share them yet, but I'm flying high right now.

Its hard to keep grounded.

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