Some people tell me I have a happy knack of finding myself in a ‘situation’

Some people tell me I have a happy knack of finding myself in a 'situation'

Because of my own forgetfulness,  I found myself with that problem once again today.

I forgot to bring my drivers license !!!! and I had paid for a hire car. It is always stays in my American  purse but I had to use it for something recently and somehow I sort of forgot about it.

I needed it on Thursday when I went to have my stitches out I searched for it… but it wasn't where it should be.!!

A quick conversation with Keith and he decided to look for it and send me a  photo copy. He signed it as a Justice to try and give me a little more hope…!!!! NO.

"I found it in the 3rd layer of your bags" he said smugly.

But the hire car company would have none of it.

So poor Lisa had to travel for 2 hours to get me.  I worked on the computer and had lunch of Tortilla soup to pass the time.


I have a busy schedule for the next week, radio, media, presentations and luncheons…. so if you live anywhere near Las Cruces tomorrow I'll be visiting the quilt group  it would be great to meet as many people as possible.

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