It shouldn’t be happening in this day and age.

The temperature rose to almost 100 degrees today and I was in heaven. The sky was "as blue as a sailors uniform" as my Mum would say. The birds are telling us its almost summer and the breeze curled down from the mountains and kissed the plains.

I love this weather. I love the scenery, I love the mountains and I love this place.

But we had a job to do to day so I had to view it as we traveled.


Las Cruses is about 80 miles from Alamogordo and Rainee and I had lots of time to chat as we drove to our first event.

We talked about our program coming up at the end of June and she explained that this year some of the money we raise will go to providing children in difficult circumstances with a back pack of food for the weekend. It has to be food that can be accessed easily and some families don't have electricity so the food needs to be suitable  to be eaten cold.

My heart just skipped a beat.

I want you to imagine your grandchild (or child) leaving school on a weekend with a backpack of food instead of electronic games, books, games and a promise of a trip out to eat at Mac Donalds                                                   

P1050436_peIt shouldn't be happening in this day and age. Poverty and homelessness are insidious and at times almost impossible to climb out of.

Some of the money will also go to a support group of Mothers in Crisis.

You know, Quilting and you wonderful people are making a difference in this community.

You  get to spend some time learning and having a fun time at the event. The money donated goes to the community and helps 1000's of young people and their families in this community.

We've raised around $45000 in the past three years and this year we need you to help us add to that total.

Thank you to the ladies in Las Cruses who added to  our funds today by a collection on the day. You made a difference.

Quilters are always doing something for someone… at our event you get to do something awesome for someone and learn a new quilting for yourself. I flows two ways. !!!!!

Join us for this event. I will add flyers tomorrow.

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