Radio and Tea

Up in the wee hours, the air was cool and crisp and we had stunning views of the mountains as we drove to the radio station.

The Guys at KPSA Alamogordo do a wonderful job advertising our event and its always fun being on air for an hour or so.

We also recorded a few public service announcements for advertising. They'll be played daily while I'm away in Ireland.

I love having breakfast at the country restaurants here, its so different to the fancy breakfasts we pay a fortune for in the art based cafes at home.

Mums Country Kitchen was  bustling even at 9.00 am. There were tables of customers who come daily. In another room there was a  group men called the  'Romeos' who looked to be in their late grandpa years.

There were young men in cowboy boots and hats, older men in the same attire and then there are the bikers adorned with tattoos and dramatic  attire.  We sampled the daily special of tacos and hash browns for $4.00 accompanied by  strong coffee   Yum.

Certainly different from home.

Next event was a presentation at a morning tea for the ladies who make care quilts and I also got to meet the directors of the programs to be funded this year.

Lisa's Dr took my last  stitches out. I'm left with just one so I think I can take that out myself in a day or so. I'm sure glad that's over. Now it just has to heal.

So things are moving along quite well with our promotion.. I have 4 more days here, a bit more promo to do and then its off to California.

I'm donating my time so I hope you can share in this event with us.


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