What can two gals do in 40 hours.

What can two gals do in 40 hours?

Well we covered two States. Does that mean state of confusion, state of denial, or  state of perpetual motion?
Well maybe, but it was NM and Texas all in one day.

1. I did a book signing and trunk show.

2. Lunch with friends and then a 4 hour drive to to Albuquerque. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, we talked all the way and listened to music.


3. Checked into the hotel where they were obviously filming something important

4. We got reacquainted with Boris, (the man in our GPS who speaks so nicely)

5. Toured old town.

6. Dinner on the verandah of the restaurant and enjoyed the concert in the plaza.





7. Photographed old town…. Designed quilts, collaborated and people watched.

8. Worked on the computer for a few hours and chatted to family back home.

9. Up early working on the computer

10. Breakfast at range cafe.





11. got to write the rest tomorrow. Its 11.pm and I have to be up at 4.00 am/

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