The best laid plans of mice and men.

I'm sitting in the airport writing this,lets hope the internet is fast enough to add photos.

I've had a funny couple of days. The best laid plans went right out the window, and I reckon I'm a good organiser, but I really fluffed it yesterday.

It was supposed to be my  'out and about day'   

OOh, the airport is moving… and it isn't my imagination !!!! hope the plane lands in the right direction.  I just worked out that its the gal jiggling her leg sitting a bit further down the bench… tell her to  stop jiggling.

Back to Yesterday. I looked up the Metropolitan Museum, spent ages looking at the images, and directions to get there. So in anticipation I took off walking. I had my darn big camera, and the smaller one, and then the smallest one as well, – just in case. That adds 10 lb to the bag on the back.

I walked down 42nd street and encountered the morning walking traffic and it was raining so I had to buy a cheap brolly to add the the bag.



Its funny with a brolly, you sort of have 'brolly war' as you pound the pavement. You look testily at the guy with the big red one coming toward you and I can generally duck under his brolly as we pass, but some of those guys were short so we collided and a fleeting frown told of my feelings.

I was pleased when it stopped raining.

I visited Saks and photographed the clothes in the window, I love the delicacy of the fabric, the color combinations and the way they are blended. I visited Tiffanys, Oh, well thats a bit out of my league.


I walked, looking up, looking at, looking in and popping into shops… I think I added a bit to the journey.


I loved looking into the apartments with  doormen in uniform

Who lived there I wondered?

So I decided to have a chat to one of the doorman I told him I liked the floral arrangement in the  foyer, the wrought iron on the windows and the garden

Some ladies, with fancy dogs and poop bags walked the roads too. Even fancy ladies have to pick up poop in NY. How could I tell they were fancy, well I just know.

I walked and walked… how much further?, Oh, there it is.

The metropolitan Museum






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