1st day in Ireland.

We traveled from Dublin to Galway yesterday.Its about a two and a half  hour trip and covers almost the width of Ireland.

Its green, green, green.

The hawthorn trees are in bloom and its a joy to behold. The hedgerows and fields are bursting with blossoms, the five petaled flower holds a mystery all its own.

On May Day morning the branches, with its abundance of flowers would be collected and woven together and placed on windows and doors. The weaving together would strengthen the magical properties of the Hawthorn as would the morning dew. A home would look and feel surrounded by abundant white flowers of the Hawthorn, adorning your home after long winter months and knowing the spring was here and summer round the corner. This was also said to protect your home against evil spirits for the year.

Hawthorn is also a tree of protection. It is said that it prevents lightening from striking the home, storm damage too, and it also brings happiness to the sad and depressed.

Woow, all that in one tree.?


Butter cups cover the stone walled fields its just beautiful and I thanks to the man responsible for giving us good weather to view it all.

Connemara Marble is a beautiful muted green. I experienced the factory on a previous trip so while the bus group visited I took off down the street to capture other images.


I wandered across the road to the tea rooms and found a treasure trove of antiquities.

I like to photograph, interesting statues and these certainly fitted the bill.


The light on this figure is particularly nice.

The texture and patterns on this old door handle is interesting too. I think it has a lot of potential as a pattern.



I particularly like the set squares around the handle. Then change the image to a pencil sketch and takes on a life of its own.

Sketch of door.

Next stop was the Celtic Crystal which is a family-run business that incorporates Celtic designs and Gaelic motifs on its ornate, beautifully crafted Irish crystal. Located in Moycullen, County Galway, the company has been creating stunning crystal for over 35 years.

I don't particularly like Chrystal, but I can appreciated the art.


We arrived at our hotel at 5.00 pm and with only a hour of sleep in 24 hours, I was battling to stay awake. I met my group and I think we're going to have a great tour over the next 12 days. I fell into bed at 9.30 and I don't think I moved until 4.00 this morning..

I've been able to catch up on the blog this morning, chat with home, send out business info and now I'm about to begin my first day here at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

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