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This blog post is a little disjointed. I'm adding photos into the last post from the airport in NY, catching up on the last day in NY and now Ireland. !!!!!!
However, I have to sneak in an hour or so on the run to do the blog.

Now I'm in Galway, sitting in the dining room of the hotel because their Internet system is a bit too antiquated to my new computer, but the upside is that its fast and I can work quicker.

My ladies will be down at 7.30 for breakfast and they will be fun to spend the next 12 days with if last nights dinner is any indication.

So back to the Metropolitan Museum in NY. I arrived there after walking for a few hours, only to find that it was closed on Mondays…. so was the Frick Museum just down the road and I was a little disappointed. OH, well the Guggenheim was open and it was just a few more blocks down the road….


You had to line up to get in, pay $10 instead of $22 because most of it was closed. Well, I figure I wasted my $10, because I didn't really enjoy it. I was in and out of there in 15 minutes.

However, the images I captured during the day were worth the walk.

I walked almost 15 kms during the day and  got to visit the huge Macy's store on 7th Avenue. The escalators are still wooden… I was surprised and just had to take a photo. They creaked and wobbled up to the upper floors.

I ate dinner at a Jewish restaurant and had fun just watching people… the menu shared ideas of food I had never even heard of. I chose potato pancakes with apple sauce… but they were large and heavy and I could only eat one. They were served with a big bowl of pickles and a tray of delicious coleslaw.

Of course there are lots of Jewish restaurants in NY. I try to go to one each year, its an experience for sure but I have no idea what some of the things on the menu are.



Well, my ladies have arrived for breakfast and I'm on duty and another day begins and once again the blog gets cut short… but that's the way my life runs.


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