Galway Girl.

A photo journal of the event will be on my web page each day.


Galway is putting on its finest today.

The sun is shining once again and the locals are embracing the warmth with delight.

The beaches were full of semiclad people braving the cold water and enjoying the sun.

I walked from my hotel into town to the Festival Venue yesterday… I got to chat to many people along the way like the man who caught a huge Salmon in the river.

I winced as he hit it on the cement to end its life… I was told that  people wait for a year to get a license to fish in the river and it costs about $320 per day…. not a cheap meal I think, but  he was rather pleased. The fish was certainly beautiful.

I snapped this mural as I wound my way through cobblestone streets.

As I entered the main promenade, huge flags overhead heralded the entrance.

A musician played a lilting Irish tune and I thought I was in a documentary.Is this what the city is like all the time?

I wondered why he just didn't sit on a chair rather than attempt this precarious position… it could be dangerous.

I spent the day judging and it was taken very seriously but there were some impromptu escapades.

I won't put up photos of the quilt yet, not until the event opens this morning, but trust me there are some amazing quilts from all over the globe entered in competition and on display.

The Gala event last night was a wonderful occasion, The food and the company were equally delightful.

We laughed our way through the meal.

Eleanor Burns received a lifetime award for her 30+ years of service to the quilting community.


Which she accepted in her own flamboyant way.

The night ended with a spectacular show of Irish dancers and singers. It was wonderful last year, but even more spectacular last night, it was hard to keep still as the beat of the drums, the violins and dances pounded the boards. Just amazing.

I didn't get back to midnight and up again at 5.30 so I need lots of coffee today.

The event held at the Galway University is all set to go.

It will be a fabulous event.

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