Catching up on Ireland.

I'm writing this as we wind our way through the green of the Irish countryside?


music is playing quietly over the speakers and the conversation has
hushed. The green fields contained by dry stone walls are hosts to
millions of buttercups,  each bloom turning its brilliant face to the


trees  in bloom fringe  the road and they are so narrow that you hope
like heck that nothing is coming around the corner…. Because you sure
cant see, even with the height of the bus.


In a flash, the much awaited quilt show
in Galway Ireland is over and I stake my reputation on making a
statement that this will become one of the best quilt shows in Ireland
in the years to come.


and his team worked tirelessly to make the experience an enjoyable one
for all who attended. The quilts were extraordinary and grouping them in
theme with props and music to capture the ambiance is a wonderful


There was music, smiles, sun and a sense of well being throughout the entire event.


The work of one of my students.

Classes went smoothly and were well attended with Sue Bouchard attending to the every need of the tutors.

Well done team.


the other part of the tour has begun and a fleet of buses are now
traveling the country which will show off its finest. Everything has
been outstanding.

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