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We traveled down the Dingle Peninsular today.

The Dingle Peninsula is named after the town of Dingle. The peninsula is also commonly called Corca Dhuibhne (Corcu Duibne) even when those referring to it are speaking in English. Corca Dhuibhne, which means "seed or tribe of Duibhne" (an Irish personal name), takes its name from the túath (people, nation) of Corco Dhuibhne who occupied the peninsula in the Middle Ages and who also held a number of territories in the south and east of County Kerry.

After all the good weather we've experienced today was our token wet day, but we managed to cope despite the furious winds.

The scenery was spectacular. I know I use that word a lot, but I don't know how to describe it any other way.

The roaring ocean set against craggy  cliffs gave way to green patchwork fields enclosed by dry stone walls. Looking at a dry stone wall it would seem to defy the laws of gravity. Usually only one or two stones thick, they are very sturdy and can rise to a considerable height. 

I see in my minds eye men and boys toiling in less than favorable weather to create these masterpieces.



"some dry stone walls deserve to be listed as national treasures." There is no doubt that they are more appreciated now than in the past. Perhaps it was their association with the Famine or a past when we were all that bit poorer, but there was a time, not too distant, when dry stone walls were not held in the high regard that they are now.

I saw sheep sheltering from the winds behind the fences and on the lee side the foliage grows high and lush. To the viewer they are the romantic side of travel photos in Ireland.

We hopped in and out of the bus on a regular basis, and had lunch (the compulsory fish and chips) in …….. can't remember.!!!

It was a quieter day and a break from rushing

There is an album of photos on my web page.

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