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I've been slow with the blog because I've needed to   catch up on business and I'm also looking at alternative methods of communication with my Friends, Family and Quilting buddies. In other words a different blog format.

I'm not too sure whether my new ideas will  function as well, but I'm going to give it a try. In the mean time, I will continue with this format.


The long room Library at the University of Dublin

I always feel the need to capture what I do and when I look at the photos I took I realize that I fitted a lot into the month I've been away from Australia BUT ….


The trip to Ireland is over and now I continue onto the most important program of the year. This is my "Pay it forward' program.

Emotionally and physically we can now see it making a significant difference in the lives of some of the young people in Alamogordo and the pressure mounts to continue, expand and go further all in the name of Quilting.

I don't know where it will end, but that's part of the excitement.




Not everyone is here, but this is a photo of 'our bunch' No 1 bus with driver Dennis.

The trip back began at 3.30 am when the alarm pierced the silence. I had prepared everything for travel the night before so I was down in the lobby of the hotel by 4.00. A paper bag breakfast was supplied and we began to load two full buses with tired quilters for their trek home.


The luggage created a huge bulge in the body of the bus.

It was freezing cold and raining lightly so getting on the bus was a relief from the chill.

We didn't leave anyone behind (which is always my worst nightmare) and we arrived in Dublin in record time.

The trip back was long….. 7 hours compared to the 5.5 hours going over. Does a tail wind make that much difference?

The plane was full and to be honest I'm not too used to sitting in the back….!!! but I worked, dozed. moved around a little and watched a movie. I was certainly pleased to get off the plane and let the warmth of NY seep into my bones.

I had to walk. I needed to walk off the hours of plane and bus sitting, so within minutes I had my shorts on I grabbed my camera and I looked forward to another adventure.



I love the designs I find as I walk.



You find the most amazing things happening as you walk.


I get such enjoyment capturing the image and I enjoy it day after day as I keep it in my memory pile.




You never know what you will find…. Nudes in Time Square?



The men enjoyed the sight.


Even Marilyn made an appearance.




Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

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