On the road.


While I sit and wait for my plane to leave I thought I would begin to express my feelings about the Metropolitan Museum in NY.

(I have a 7 hour delay in Dallas)

I needed to wait a day.

I needed to just go over the photos and think.

I took over 400 images and its wonderful to have them because I can re-visit over and over again.

Of course I missed a lot, but it was extremely crowded and to be honest I was completely overwhelmed.

I will feature this picture. I can do so, its in the public domain.


Vincent Van Gogh – Oleanders.

I was struck by the green in this picture. Blue based with yellow.The leaves, blue green and the pink of the Oleander is so complimentary.

Look at the fine orange stripe dividing the wall and the table. Purple, mustard and turquoise…. it makes my heart skip a beat.


I have to say the art captured my heart. Matisse, Renoir,Klee, an absolute delight.


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