From the green of Ireland to the Orange of Alamagordo.

Its so nice to lay your head on the pillow and let the darkness sweep you into sleep. I'm one of those lucky people who fall  asleep almost instantly the head is down.

Its probably due to the fact that my brain is exhausted. I've been like that all my life so I don't expect to change in my middling age.

I'm writing this as the sun rises and the humming birds feed just a foot from the window.


The temperature rose to 105 yesterday and the day was hazy white.

I love the heat and all that goes with it. Cold drinks, blue skies, homegrown tomato on bread, sun, shorts, sandals and 'T's so I'm holding on to every moment, because in a months time I will be in New Zealand. The opposite side of the world and a weather pattern opposite to here in NM

The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts begins today. This is the most important event in my calendar year.

Every minute donated adds an advantage to a community group here in the county.

Everybody donates their time and in the past 3 years we've raised almost $50,000, we hope to add a further $20,000 with this event.

All in the name of quilting.

This year a team of community minded servicemen from nearby Holloman Air force Base have offered their time to help us do the setting up, the hanging of the quilts and general hard work. Its made a huge difference.

The set up yesterday was quick, efficient and with 3 years experience behind us it flowed well.

Everyone from the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor, the Services, to the Media,  is supporting us, its a truly community affair and it was opened last night with a dinner at Tia Lupes.

I was given the most amazing Green Chilli Cheese burger, the restaurant was festooned in Orange and the town is turning orange for the weekend.!!!!! what a delight.



The darn big classroom.

The classroom is massive, the air-conditioner pumps, I have a walk around microphone so don't need to shout and a its going to be a great event.
The booths set up today. Sewing machine companies, quilting supplies, local craftsmen and delicious food stalls will all descend on us.

Classes have extended from 2 days in the first year to 5 days and each class this year is designed just for this event.

3 days of class here and another 2 days in Las Cruses in a week or so.

So now to breakfast and the anticipation of a fabulous day.

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