Using the computer for quilting patterns and ideas.

I use my computer as a reference for the patterns of many of my quilts.I thought you might like to see the process and the results.

For instance take this photo below. It is a set of dishes I bought at a store called Anthropologie. The photo isn't spectacular but the pattern is interesting.


I use an app called pencil sketch pro.

Its great for illustrating notes, or breaking down an image into shades.


With this app, the image looks like this.


I used it to break down a photo into shades for a student.

or to create this soft image from a  rather ordinary photo.
Tree 2.

Using a program called Photo Artista – sketch. I got this result.


I like both programs, but I like the bottom image best to create a quilted image.I could print it large, trace it onto fabric and thread paint it.Or I could print the image onto fabric color it and quilt it… it would look like a water color painting….quilted. Fabulous.

I can change the angle of the background lines in the computer…I like the 45 deg angle is has produced. Lets get away from stippling. !!!!!


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  1. adamsme says:

    I am with you on the stipple thing. Not very interesting and I am not very good at it. Too good reasons to try something else.
    Just saw Jim West, Ricky Tims, and Justin Schultz at a local quilt store. They are on the Route 66 tour. I am sorry now that I didn’t sign up for it.

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