3rd try at this post.

I'm on the road again and I now have faster internet…. but I lost all of the blogs I wrote previously. XXXXXX

So I begin all over.

Months of preparation.

Rushed trips to do media.

A year of meetings and planning and finally our event The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts is ON.

Its not the fanciest show, it not your hootin', tootin' shootin' show. Its our event and we're sure proud of it.

Is it the only show where the entire proceeds are donated to the community?  No, I don't mean a few thousand dollars I mean $45,ooo in the past 3 years.

We all donate our time and enthusiasm to make this a special event.


The entire community is behind us from the 1st National Bank of Alamagordo, the Mayor, Susie Galea to the Police Dept and Border Control to name just a few.



I walked around the vendors yesterday and I saw  this little red backpack sitting on the desk I just want to cry.

150 children need to take home one of these each weekend so they have enough food to get them through till Monday.

Our Quilting event will help them considerably.

I thank the Vendors, The Committee, and this year the groups of young men and women from the Holoman Airforce Base who volunteered to do the heavy work each day. It made a huge difference.

New sewing machines were donated to a group of young people who have a lot less than we do. They used one of my patterns to make quilts and I was delighted.

Classes were wonderful and I just want to thank EVERYONE you made a difference.


Quilting for the community made a difference.

Now I have a few days break.


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