A gem of a day.

The vista from our hotel is  magnificent. I see  a vast blue sky, and the mountains surrounding the city of Albuquerque.

Bright colored balloons are dotting the horizon as they float quietly through the invisible air.

Its going to be a pearl of day again today.

Its a contrast to the dark wet days of home and a disturbing political event. I'll be there in a few weeks so I'm making the most of this special environment.

Communication with friends yesterday found that the Route 66 bus trip was in Santa Fe, an hour from here.

"Come and have dinner with us" was the invitation and so we took off on a short toad trip to meet Jim and surprise Ricky and Justin.

It was great, caught up on the news of the past couple of weeks and we had a wonderful dinner with the group.

Thanks guys.

The trip sounds amazing and they have had wonderful adventures along the way.

Dinner over and photos with participants we took off with cameras in hand for a walk through Santa Fe.

It was still warm, the air was soft and balmy.



The late evening sun turned everything gold and music drew us to the plaza. It was packed with participants listening to Eliza Gilkyson and her band.



People were dancing, smiling and just having fun it was a wonderful environment to be in.



We walked down the street, the sun was setting and the sky was on fire.



Sante Fe is alive with color and excitement. The Architecture is unique and has been carefully cultivated as a showcase of South Western living.


I love it.



All in all it was a gem of a day. We leave here in an hour or so and go up to Sante Fe. There are two quilt exhbitions on display and more photographs to take.


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