The Excitement of Santa Fe.

When I travel I am at the mercy of the speed of the Internet on offer as to the effectiveness of the blog.

I was doing two things at once on Wednesday and lost the contents of a couple of my blog preparations.XXXXXX Oh well, its just one of those things.

Lisa and I spent Wednesday and part of Thursday in Santa Fe. Of course thats not enough time to do all the things we wanted, but we moved as quickly as our legs and the heat would allow.

I think that the aura of Santa Fe is the environment that fits the environment in which I would choose to live.


BUT, I don't live there, I can't live there and I never will, so I capture it on camera for my own and others pleasure. The creative exposure lives in my mind and memory pricked by the photos I take.

I've already made two quilts with reference to my 2012 visit to Santa Fe. One of them, the african woman (seen below)


I photographed her at the festival and this piece is an extension of one of the genres I work in and will be a large part of my quilting artistic expression from now on.

I guess we've all seen thread painted portraits but in this piece I aimed to create it with short illustrative stitches rather than long directive stitches.

Thinking that I've sort of mastered that technique I have undertaken an even more complicated project.

"The plates in the window quilt."

The other quilt is a new genre and is in the currently in process.

This year my mind is working overtime…(wish I could turn it off sometimes) and I'm working on a few illustration ideas.

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