Month: July 2013

Back on the blog.

Sulmona (AQ), 1975, ciabattino. (Photo credit: Fiore S. Barbato) Confetti di Sulmona (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Here I am, working on my computer and organising the next tour and if you didnt know me, you would think it was my first time. I get so excited at the prospect. "When the plane is on the runway and I am the one with the silly smile on my face, looking like I am going on my first vacation ever. As we head down the runway at full speed, I want to stand up and shout, “isn’t this the most exciting thing ever!!”.  I would probably be arrested, so I silently picture myself doing this, while I picture everyone else jumping up and down with me."  Piper Mackay photographer. That's the way I feel. I love flying, I love the adventure and I relish the unexpected as you walk off the flight. Tonight I have the book on India, and the book on Italy open. But it was the USA leg that made my heart rush tonight…. "how …

Back to the blog.

I've used my web pages as a platform to describe the events here in Taupo. I'm able to add photos and content much easier. Today I completed my last page. The Mastery of Gwen Marston Take a look you won't be disappointed. I'm also adding this small video of the young people who entertained us on 3 occasions at the even. I have a strong admiration for their dedication and pride.       I've added photos to face book, the web page and a few here. I hope you've enjoyed sharing the experience.

Taupo Symposium

Taupo Quilt Festival, the preparations.   We had a wonderful day yesterday. I took lots of vision and it can be seen at the link above. Right now its easier to add it to the web page rather than wait for the photos to load on the blog page. Take a look, I'm sure you will find it inspiring.

Day 2 Taupo.

I moved from the Hilton to the Event Motel today. It was a day to catch up on work, review my classes and presentation and try to medicate an ear infection. Most of the Tutors had arrived by late afternoon so a wonderful time catching up was had by all. The Americans have had a long haul, they looked tired. The Aussies coped well with the shorter trip and the New Zealand Tutors arrive tomorrow. I had yet another Thai meal and I bought a new sketch book… I just can't be without one. Its winter but this hydrangea is just holding on. Many of the shops have joined the spirit  of the event and decorated their shops with quilts. Its going to be a busy day tomorrow… its an early start and a full day of events. So Pamela… go to bed.   Related articles Using the computer for quilting patterns and ideas. Catching up on Ireland.

Taupo symposium

Taupo Symposium I want to add film, maps and other information so I'm going to report on the Symposium through my web page. If you are interested click on the link above which will re-direct you. It takes ages to add photos to my blog when I'm on the road so I felt this was the best alternative.

I made it.

Goodness me, the alarm rang shrill at 3.15. I slept in the chair all night and I was woken from a deep sleep. The TV news  was  broadcasting bad news in the background and dog Ralf buried further into his bed anticipating my departure yet again. They make great barista coffee in the executive club at the airport and the Greek yoghurt is all I need to get me going. It was still dark when we left Adelaide 15 minutes late. I was supposed to have an hour and a half turn around in Sydney and I was alarmed when the pilot announced on our arrival "its 8.30 now in Sydney" My boarding pass said I needed to board the next flight at 8.45 for a 9.30 departure. I knew I had 15  minutes leeway… but still I was going to have to run. In Sydney you need to go from Domestic to International by bus. Experience tells me it can take half an hour… but bless the bus, it was there as I ran …

Trying to keep healthy while I travel.

  Someone asked me the other day, how do you maintain your health and stamina? I have a few golden rules… but basically I think I'm just lucky. One of the perils of travel is getting ill. Of course it depends on where you are traveling but even a week away in your own country can have an effect on your body. I've been ill twice in my travels. Once was this year when traveling companion Lisa and I both fell victim to Viral Pneumonia on the same day. The other time was after I was mugged and I contracted Shingles from the shock (so they say) Not too bad for 14 years of travel. I've fallen and broken my arm but on the whole I'm ever vigilant. Lack of sleep, changed eating habits, rapid change in climate or environment, increased intake of different foods is an understated hazard. I dislike water intensely, but I do try to drink more when traveling. A good alternative for me is soda water. I don't drink  alcohol and …

Back on track.

3 days after I arrive home from travel I hit the wall. Its always been like that… and today is the third day, so I began  well but I'm fading fast. Its been busy since I arrived home and I've not had time to write the blog. I also had some difficult internet services while traveling and that put a bit of a kibosh on the whole thing. So much to do and so little time but to be honest it is self inflicted so I can't complain. It could also be because I joined in the dancing class for 2 year olds today…but I didn't get photos, you have to be careful when other children are around so the little people came to visit and I could get the camera out there. It was just lovely.. ———————————————————- Was it just a month ago I was in Ireland? Was it just 6 weeks ago I was in Asilomar? Was it just 5 weeks ago I was strolling in NY? Was it 7 weeks ago I …

Its the way I like it.

Brie, quince paste, crackers, cappuccino, tomato soup and Dixit Dominus by Cozzolani through the earphones and I'm set for the next 3 hours before I get on the plane and retire for the night. I'm in a world of my own… its the way I like it when I travel. It my small bubble of peace. I've achieved so much on this trip, its been wonderful. I've met the most inspiring people and I've been granted a rare insight into the lives of some very generous  people. From the luxury of Asilomar  – to children who live in poverty but still have the time to give of themselves. The visit to New York, which is an experience that I will carry in my heart forever after a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ireland, both Northern and Southern, the beauty and the sadness. Santa Fe, an absolute inspiration. The generosity of the Westside Quilters…and the visit to the   Getty Villa and of course visiting with my friends and quilting peers from all over the …