One of the things about travel is the  inevitable 'travel purchase'

I don't do 'tourist travel' very much, but I have fallen into the trap of a little 'bazaar blindness' at times.

Its a lesson I think most people who live on the road need to learn and I'm still practicing.

I walk into a shop filled with color and delight and its difficult not to add it to your 'home stash' and by that I don't even mean fabric. The other day I bought a vintage colander…. just because it was vintage, needy and I wanted it and it had stars on it. It iwll look greaat in my new kitchen



Granted it doesn't weigh much so its easy to transport home, but I have been known to buy huge antique quilts, clothes for the grandies and this year I go home with pencil tins for the little boys with tigers and dinosaurs on the front in 3D.

As you do.!!!

Textiles always find their way home. They are used. Treasured and most of all precious to me.

I remember standing up at guild and showing an old quilt I had bought.It was worn in places, tattered a little but I loved it and its still one of my favorites…

One lady down  in the front road  sniggered and made a rude comment, another put her hand over her face…..!!! and I was a little taken back. Now that quilt is really valuable, money wise and I have a connection to it that no one can value.

I have treasures at home that no one else has because they have an emotional bonding to the time, the place and the person.

So I will stand in front of a bazaar and dream and take a small part of it home for 'me' India and Italy will be one of my biggest test yet. So stay tuned.

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