What a day.

Goodness, its been a week of surprises.

Lisa and I had to shorten our tour last week because we had commitments, she went back to work and I  had had two days of fun with the quilters in Las Cruses.
I like their style…we ate at 3 different restaurants, Mexican, Mediterranean and Gourmet Pizza.
It was delicious. I was able to indulge in turkish coffee and hummus.

For several days we worked on a unique project, everyone achieved and I was really happy that they made the effort and worked through it.

I stayed with Karen and Robert in their fabulous adobe house and we had a super time.

2013 Pam Holland presents Francis Campbell with Sewing Machines


During the event I had a visit from Francis  Campbell  who is a retired educator who volunteers her time to teach underprivileged  children how to sew in Chaparral New Mexico.  She bought a beautiful hand made card and photos of our future quilters. Its now spilled over to the Senior citizens and the 80 + age group are learning to make quilts as well.
The children's needs became a focus at last year's Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts when Mrs. Frances purchased my Cordinez del Corazon Quail pattern.   The pattern  was bought to inspire the children with different techniques, helping to develop and improve their skill of sewing and quilt making.  
Mrs. Campbell was very limited on materials and had a few borrowed sewing machines.  We learned of these needs and set out to provide a permanent solution for her classroom and the children she encouraged.  
Through the funds and awareness raised at the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts, bolts of fabric, materials, kits, and seven sewing machines were donated to Mrs. Campbell to help with her efforts in education and motivating a lifelong skill for these children, the children who have so little themselves are making quilts for others. This is the way it should be.

I love my card, and photos, I will treasure it. I'm trying to think of a way to frame it so I see the front and the back.


Today, was a free day but I had an appointment to meet the students at the Boys and Girls Club in Alamogordo.

200 young people attend the club each day. We talked about Australia, Kangaroos, Koalas and Quilting. They had lots of questions  and the young ones were eager to hear about the plane flight and 'How do the Koalas stay in the trees?'

The older students, young men and women were fascinated by the quilts, and listened intently to the stories… many of them had never seen graffiti or a rhinoceros on a quilt.!!!!

I was touched when the teenage boys wanted to have have a photo taken with me and they also photographed the quilts.

They are delightful young people.

They had decorated the walls with their artwork to share with me.

Thank you Lilly.

Then a scheduled appointment at the bank and  when the Mayor turned up and some of the Committee walked out of the adjoining rooms I thought. Oh, Oh, something is up…

For Pete's sake I was in my play clothes… my shorts and T.

Mayor Susie Gallea read the contents of a Commendation from the city of Alamogordo and I fought back the tears.


But you know this is a joint project the whole city is behind us and gives us tremendous support. The Committee works tirelessly for the whole year and I'm really grateful.

So there you go… I got caught. I'm honored and we've already had meetings to do it all again next year.

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  1. Congratulations Pam for all the wonderful work you’ve done for the community. The smile on your face shows the world how happy you are.

  2. Mary Beamond says:

    Wonderful, Pam šŸ™‚

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